Cis 210 Assignment 17

Assignment 2 USE CASEPage 2that, I have to develop several use cases to support the ATM service as an intern software developer for retail bank. As defined by Shelly and Ronsenblatt, “A use case diagram is a visual summary of several related use cases within a system or subsystem” (Pg. 261).First of all I am presenting document about a costumer withdrawing money from an ATM. The first step is costumer will put his debit card in the ATM machine in this transaction. Once he put his card in the ATM machine, It will automatically ask for PIN to access the card. Here there are two outcomes. First one is the PIN number can be denied, thus can be happen for multiple reasonbut the purpose of the transaction is same, the session is ended. Now once customer put the correct PIN, Atm will take it to next step. In the next step customer will get options for transaction. Withdraw, Deposit, balance inquire, and services. For this transaction, the customer will select the withdrawal option. Now machine will ask for the amount of money to the customer. The next step in the withdrawal will be to select the amount of the withdrawal. if customer don't have the sufficient balance in his/her account to cover the requested amount then machine will able to give another chance to enter different amount or end the session. If the

CIS 210 INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Page 2 of 7During a family dinner, my sister who owns a small clothing store mentioned her aggravation with having to manually track and reorder high demand items. She asked me to help her implement an automated system to help her with that process while staying within her small budget. In this essay, I will describe all of the necessary equipment, explain the cost involve the creation of the system, describe the ongoing maintenance that will be required, as well as provideher with a workflow diagram to illustrate how the system will work.In order for me to propose the right plan, I set up a meeting with my sister at her store to discuss the budget and get the details about her business, hardware and software she currently has. I was able to determine that her budget was $2000.00, her business did not have an on-line presence which means that she didn’t have a website to process on-line transactions. She also hasone computer running a Windows 7 operating system, has 500 GB hard drive, internet access, and 200 different types of clothing in her inventory which she keeps track of manually.

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