Safarnama Essay In Urdu

The Egyptian Pyramids

The Egypiat pyramids are located in Egypt. These are cone shaped, identified pyramid counts are 118 and 138. These are actually tombs of pharaohs and their consorts. The estimated workers who made these pyramids varies from few thousands to hundreds thousands. The earliest pyramid is Pyramid of Djoser, constructed 2630 BC - 2611 BC.

It is assumed that Egyptian pyramid are actually the primordial mount from where earth was created. The shape of pyramid is thought to be the representative of sun ray's descendance. Most of the pyramid external area is polished and made by white limestone from where sun rays are reflecting. Dur to these reflection pyramids are clearly visible from a large distance. Pyramids old name was on solar luminescence, for example the name of Senworset at EL-Lahun was Senwosret is Shining and Bent Pyramid at Dahshur was The Southern Shining Pyramid.

In pyramid there is a narrow shaft which extend from the main burial chamber towards dark are of the sky. Egyptian believe that the dark area in sky surrounded by stars are the physical gateway into heaven. They thought that the soul of pharaoh's can go direct in heaven passing through the shaft of pyramid and then this dark area of the sky.

Mostly it is agreed that all pyramids are actually the burial monuments, but there are disagreements too.

The most famous Egyptian pyramid name is the Pyramid of Khufa at Giza, it is the largest pyramid and is the only one of the seven wonders of world, which are still exist. The most recent pyramid discovered is that of Queen Sesheshet, the discovery was announced in 2008.

The first list of pyramid was made in 1842, in which 67 pyramids were listed. The second list was presented in 2008 containing 118 Egyptian pyramids. Many pyramids are in poor condition and buried by dessert sand, if visible it appears very little.

Most of the pyramids are sited on the west bank of the Nile and they are grouped in a number of pyramid fields.

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