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The best fashion photography portfolio websites tend to keep things simple.

Take a peek at a recent edition of your favorite art or fashion mag—you’re likely to notice loads of white space with few design elements and simple text. Picking up on this aesthetic trend, fashion photographers’ portfolios tend towards extreme simplicity, letting their work take centre stage.

We rounded up some of the best emerging fashion photographers using Format for their online portfolio. From Los Angeles to Melbourne, these photographers play with quirky poses and alternative post-production techniques to get images worthy of being published by style magazines.

Here are 25 emerging fashion photographers you should keep your eyes on.

1. Tasha Tylee

Melbourne-based photographer Tasha Tylee’s work is gorgeous, surreal, and often avant garde. Her portfolio highlights images one at a time, mixing fashion shoots with landscape work and personal projects to give visitors a full overview of her photography.

Format Theme: Slate

2. Olesya Asanova

Olesya Asanova’s portfolio features a stunning collaged page that offers a quick view into the London-based photographer’s work. The muted colors and often grainy nature of her images give Asanova’s photography a 1990s feel.

Format Theme: Sierra

3. Helen Eriksson

Swedish photographer Helen Eriksson, based in New York, keeps her portfolio elegant with lots of white space. Her work, which has a contemporary, high fashion feel, has appeared in Nylon, Refinery29, and Oyster.

Format Theme: Ora

4. Agnieszka Chabros

This Melbourne-based photographer, who counts i-D, Ignant, and Oyster among her publishing credits, creates images with a lush, regal feel that seem somehow transported from another era. In addition to fashion photography, she also does conceptual photo work.

Format Theme: Sierra

5. Renee Carey

“I always find myself chasing the imperfect image, the in betweens,” LA-based Renee Carey says. Carey’s fashion photographs are candid, natural, and very classic at the same time. They feel like stills from a movie that’s several decades old. Carey’s portfolio features a super-detailed sidebar menu so visitors can scroll easily between different published shoots.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

6. Nikki Krecicki

Nikki Krecicki’s fashion photography is dreamy and unreal, juxtaposed next to shots of beaches and overgrown backyards. In her bio, she says she “began making pictures while living in a humid subtropical climate in North Carolina.” Now based in Brooklyn, it’s easy to see how living in the South influenced Krecicki’s work, which feels meditative in a refreshingly non-New York way.

Format Theme: Horizon

7. Linda McIntosh

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Linda McIntosh is a stylist as well as a fashion photographer. Her shoots are daring and funny: themes include “Clickbait” (internet aesthetic, lots of chains), “Primary Cool” (bright colors, schoolyard setting), and “Don’t Mesh With Us” (too-cool-for-you athleisure wear). Her portfolio features photos that fill up the entire screen, giving the photos an immersive feel.

Format Theme: Panorama

8. Hana Haley

This New York photographer, who counts Nylon and Lazy Oaf among her clients, uses a grid-based landing page to immediately showcase her entire portfolio to visitors. Haley has also created a detailed header menu, making it super simple to find different content on her portfolio. Sun-drenched shoots are her speciality, with lots of flowers and pastel-hued hair as frequent muses.

Format Theme: Panorama

9. Monet Lucki

Based in New York, photographer Monet Lucki moves between shooting high fashion (Vogue, fashion week backstage) and intimate, personal work that includes portraits and scenery. Lucki’s portfolio allows for simple navigation between her varied work, which she keeps pared down, with just three categories of images and a separate page for press mentions.

Format Theme: Offset

10. Shawn Paul Tan

This London photographer has worked with publications like Dazed & Confused, Sicky, and Coeval. His landing page quickly tips you off to the digital nature of his work, featuring a portrait superimposed on a pixellated background video. Shawn Paul Tan’s portfolio organizes different projects on a loose grid, with a vertical scroll that gives his work a narrative feel.

Format Theme: Sierra

11. Constance Victoria Phillips

UK photographer Constance Victoria Phillips’s super clean and classic aesthetic has lead to her snagging shoots with brands like Nike and Urban Outfitters. Her portfolio displays a wide variety of work in a neat grid, an ideal way to show off the portraits that are her specialty.

Format Theme: Peak

12. Jordan Groves

Londoner Jordan Groves’s fashion spreads combine collage and photo for a modern look. She uses a simple horizontal scroll to showcase her work, but the variety of different-sized images juxtaposed on top of each other or on found materials gives her work an interactive, out-of-the-box feel.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

13. Anthony Deeying

Anthony Deeying holds your attention right away with a landing page that features a looping gif of his best images. The New York photographer’s black and pink sidebar menu is a unique touch that adds some personality to an otherwise simple portfolio. The choice to let photos fill up the entire screen also helps give Deeying’s portfolio a strong impact.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

14. Stas May

This Interview Magazine photographer has created a super pared-down portfolio for an easy look at his work. Featuring a click-through gallery of under 100 images, Stas May’s minimal portfolio is well suited to showing off his work, with brief captions under photos adding some context.

Format Theme: Offset

15. Polly Hanrahan

This London-based photographer uses Format’s Horizon Left theme to organize her work, which can be viewed in the form of a highlight reel or via a menu organized by publication and story. Her shoots are intimate and sweet, with bright, retro colors and natural settings taking center stage.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

16. Rebecca Elizabeth Tate

London photographer Rebecca Elizabeth Tate showcases different shoots in full, highlighting just one or two images at a time to give her portfolio a curated feel. She tends to shoot unconventional, forward-thinking clothing, for a vibe that’s distinctly contemporary.

Format Theme: Sun

17. Danny Lim

Malaysian photographer Danny Lim’s landing page immediately draws you in to his work with a close up portrait. The globetrotting photographer has worked with publications like Elle and Nylon, and his images are fresh and creative. Past his stunning landing page, Lim keeps things organized with a neat grid layout.

Format Theme: Amazon

18. Wendy Huynh

Based between Paris and London, photographer Wendy Huynh’s images are creative, funny, and striking. Her portfolio is diverse: she’s shot for high end streetwear brand sansnom as well as a Central Saint Martins x Gucci project, and she also shows off an imaginative selection of personal projects and travel photography. Organizing different work under separate dropdown menus keeps Huynh’s portfolio professional.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

19. Chloë Nour

This Sydney-based photographer’s portfolio reflects the sunny nature of her work with a colorful custom logo filling the top of the page, displaying her images in a simple collage below. Nour has color-matched her menu links to her logo, a small touch that goes a long way in helping her portfolio feel put together.

Format Theme: Amazon

20. Katt Webster

Fashion photography student Katt Webster, currently studying in London, creates a bare bones portfolio with a vertically scrolling layout. Webster uses just one page to showcase her work, offering visitors a brief introduction to her boldly colorful work.

Format Theme: Ora

21. Kevin Mason

London photographer Kevin Mason’s work is authentic and sometimes messy. He doesn’t believe in retouching. “I believe in a fresh and realistic portrayal of youth,” Mason shares in his bio. This attitude comes across in the playful vibe of his work, which is displayed with a navigation screen that allows visitors to scroll through a selection of images.

Format Theme: Sun

22. Raul Romo

This prolific LA-based photographer has shot for a wide variety of publications, from Nylon Singapore to Complex to Cosmopolitan. He uses a sidebar menu to organize his work into categories of Fashion, Commercial, and personal shoots.

Format Theme: Horizon Left

23. Nicole Loucaides

England-based photographer Nicole Loucaides specializes in shooting menswear. She uses an elegant horizontal scroll to showcase her colorful, minimal work, which is categorized by enigmatic titles like “pink,” “red,” and “cubism.”

Format Theme: Horizon Left

24. Jack Grayson

Australian photographer Jack Grayson, who travels between London and Sydney, displays his work with a classic, minimal portfolio which lists his publications in a lengthy sidebar menu. Grayson has been featured in Vogue Italia several times.

Format Theme: Offset

25. Tasya Kudryk

Ukranian photographer Tasya Kudryk works in Kiev, Berlin, and Warsaw. In addition to editing a magazine, Thisispaper, Kudryk has shot for Kiev label Kofta, among other streetwear brands. She uses a grid-based portfolio to arrange her shoots, which often feature atmospheric location images.

Format Theme: Order

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