Homework Club Display Rack

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Golf Club Display Rack 12 Club Holder

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  • Displays 12 Golf Clubs 36'' long
  • Mounts to wall, can be mounted close to ceiling to save space
  • Made out of solid Poplar Wood, ready to be stained or painted
  • Designed for standard golf club with standard size hosel
  • Hand made by Rick Horne the inventor of the Halo Golf Ball PIck up.

Displays and Exhibits

All exhibits in the Library are scheduled and handled by staff. Exhibits complementing Library collections and services may be housed in the north display case in the vestibule. Exhibits will be accepted based upon the following criteria:
  • appropriateness to library services and collections
  • general community interest
  • timeliness of topic
  • suitability of the exhibit to the space available for display
The Exhibit Case can be reserved up to six months in advance. To apply, fill out the Exhibit Case Application Form and send it to the Public Information Coordinator at the Library (address below) Do you have an idea for an Exhibit? Contact the Public Information Coordinator at (630) 279-8696. View examples of good exhibits on the application.

Guidelines for exhibit

Displays will be accepted from individuals or non-for-profit groups only.

  1. Exhibits will be accepted from individuals or non-for-profit groups only.
  2. Elmhurst residents and organizations have first priority.
  3. Exhibits are generally set up on the first business day of the month and taken out the last business day of the month. The Public Information Coordinator will contact you at least one month prior to your confirmed month to set up a specific day and time to set up your display.
  4. To be in this high-traffic area, exhibits must be attractive, of general interest to the community, and include 3-dimensional items of appropriate size.
  5. The exhibit case has a lock, however, the Library is not responsible for lost or damaged items.
  6. The Library reserves the right to take down the exhibit if necessary.
  7. No individual or group may exhibit more than once in a 24-month period.
  8. Applicants will be notified no later than four (4) months prior to the first requested exhibit date whether or not the application is approved. The exhibit case is not booked until confirmed by the Library.
Exhibit Case Measurements
  • Width-5.5 feet
  • Height-5 feet
  • Depth 1.75 feet
The case also has:
  • an electrical outlet
  • up to 4 adjustable glass shelves
    Width–31 inches
    Depth–15 inches
  • tackable back wall
  • a plastic grid at the top to hang lightweight items
  • a lock

Community Bulletin Board and Pamphlet Rack

The Library has a locked bulletin board and pamphlet rack for the display or distribution of information of interest to Elmhurst residents. For information, click here or call 630-279-8696.

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