Sharpe Bmw Case Study Solution


1010 28th St SE
Grand Rapids, MI49508
(616) 452-5101

I can not say enough good things about my experience at Sharpe BMW! I went in with the intention of test driving a couple of pre-owned vehicles and learning the lay of the financing land. I have not purchased a car in many years as I have recently moved from New York City, where a car is more of a nuisance than a luxury. I did my online research with regard to Sharpe's offerings. Their online inventory list had many interesting option at all different price points. I figured that as inventory goes, the website may not be 100% accurate, so I didn't get my heart set on any on car or model. Much to my surprise the website inventory was very accurate. They did have every car I was interested in on the premise. Upon my arrival Nick S. greeted me, listened to what I was interested in and the first car we discussed happened to be my number one pick from the inventory. One test drive and pleasant conversation later, I was in the process of purchasing a 2013 x535i, and for a really great price. They have a 'no haggle' policy, which I find very classy and respectful, and they are more than happy to show you what the same vehicle is being sold for at other dealerships in a 500 mile radius. Mine was the least expensive - and it is near flawless! There was also no pressure to 'up sell'. I had numbers in mind that would suit me and they did not surpass those or try to exceed them. Nick G., patiently took me through all of the paperwork - explaining items multiple times, if necessary. Eric, the in house BMW genius, gave me a thorough lesson on all of the buttons and features (and didn't laugh at any of my stupid questions, I'm sure there were a couple!). They all made the process very enjoyable. I still can't believe I have such a beautiful car! Looking forward to continuing to work with Sharpe.

Took car in bec as use outside mirror was pointing down. After a $160.00 "diagnosis", they said it needed a new mirror motor. By the way, they never even touched the mirror, only the button to confirm it wasn't working. When I got home, Internet said to clean the contacts between the motor and mirror back. 10 minute fix. Very deceptive Sharpe bmw!

My service contact Jason is very responsive and never failed to meet my needs. Even in the events the service department is very busy he will try to find a spot. Waiting area is ultra modern and state of the art! Coffees of all sorts and other cooled drinks are complimentary.

2/19 UPDATE: I have spoken with the sales manager, Paul Flood who assured me that the appropriate personnel have been coached in the areas mentioned below. Paul was very pleasant to speak with and work with and strongly feels that my experience should not be a reflection of the standard they strive for. I truly believe that Paul has done everything in his power to help bring this issue to resolution and to work with me on this unfortunate experience. I was advised that if I remove my review/s, that I would receive compensation for the poor service that I'd received over the last couple days. Unfortunately, I cannot remove my reviews and I think it's important that my voice is heard, but I will increase the star rating by one star. I am not looking for financial compensation, but I want to raise awareness about my service and make sure that future customers are aware that if the service department fails to do their job in full, the customer is expected to make multiple trips (or pay for their vehicle to make multiple trips) to the dealership at their own expense, even when the dealership is at fault. Original post: I am amazed by the poor customer service at this location! They are operating far below the Land Rover standard, and I will never let them touch my Rover again. Here is the timeline of events that took place: My vehicle suspension was damaged in cross-country transport, and towed to them on Tuesday afternoon/evening. Wednesday, Dave from Service calls me to tell me a suspension bag is leaking. He later calls to tell me it's been replaced and my vehicle is ready for pickup. Wednesday night, I make the drive from St Joe MI to Grand Rapids to pick up my vehicle. Thursday morning, I get in my car at 8:00 am, and the suspension fault warning is still present. I contact them and ask them to come get my vehicle because they did not fix the problem. Dave argued with me over the span of several phone calls that his job was to replace a part, and he did that, so it's not his responsibility. I assure him that my vehicle was sent there to be fixed for suspension fault, and while he may have replaced a part, he did NOT fix the issue! He later called me and apologized for his poor behavior and sends someone to pick up my vehicle. Friday, today, they bring my rover back missing half a tank of gas. That's not okay to me. The reason the vehicle had to go back to them is because they failed to do their jobs. They've already inconvenienced me, wasted time arguing with me, and now that the rover went back to them, they still drained my tank and didn't re-fuel it. The trip back to Grand Rapids would have never had to happen had they done their jobs in the first place! If you do not fix the vehicle entirely and it needs to come back, it should be at the dealership expense, not customer.

Jason from the service department was fabulous! I have a 2006 325i BMW with 204,000 miles on it, so naturally the car needed some work done. Jason worked with me on pricing and met all of my needs. I did my homework and called a few mechanics and German garages in town and their pricing matched up to what Sharpe BMW was quoting. The repair job was done in less than a day too! They offered me complimentary rides while I didn't have my car. NOTE: I saw a review in here about dealerships discriminating based on age... I am 25 and blonde (I look like I could be taken advange of). Everyone at Sharpe was professional, helpful and treated me well.

I've just gotten to the end of my lease with my second consecutive BMW Convertible. Since getting my last car I've had a baby and needed something bigger. I began looking at different Brands of vehicles outside the BMW family and have chosen to try another Brand. I was a bit nervous as to what the experience would be when I turned my vehicle back in since I wouldn't be buying another BMW. I figured I'd probably get hit with extra fees or bad attitude since I was leaving... Boy was I wrong! I dropped by on a Saturday afternoon (the day after Christmas), unannounced, hoping to get my end of lease inspection so I could drop off my car on Monday. Emily Fortier did an excellent job of accommodating my poor planning and shared an option with me to get something fixed in a way that saved me a few hundred dollars. Wow! I can guarantee you I'll be back to Sharpe and will enthusiastically recommend them to anyone looking for any Brand they carry. Now I feel foolish now for having these concerns and I shouldn't have been surprised since the level of service I've received since doing business with Sharpe has been nothing but top notch. Both on the sales and the service side. Thanks Sharpe, and specifically Emily! You've definitely created a raving fan!

Yes, our BMW is amazing....even more anazing is Emily at Sharp BMW. In a matter of minutes she showed us all the dashboard features of this incredibly smart car....thanks so much Emily!!

I recently purchased a BMW from Sharpe. Super pleased with the whole process, and the Sharpe team, My sales person, Nic Green, the sales manager, and Emily Fortier, my Genius specialist. The owner happened to be walking by and even helped me unpackaged my new floor mates and place them. And the car... Love! John Doorn Realtor

I don't understand these negative reviews on service. In my experience Jason is an awesome Advisor. From picking up and dropping off my car in Battle Creek (75 miles away) to always clearly and proactively communicating what's up with our X6, we couldn't ask for better. When our lease is up we will get another BMW and we will make the drive to Sharpe because of the awesome service Jason provides us (& the cars are pretty awesome too). Update May 2016 - just got the new BMW lease from Sharpe. Jason is why we drove all the way to Grand Rapids - he is the best

I bought my CPO BMW 135i from Sharpe in 2012. I was just going through old financial documents and was reminded of how bad my experience was there a few years ago. First, BMW dealers seem to discriminate against young people who look at their cars, and this place was no different. I even made it a point to dress nicely so they didn't treat me like a kid looking for a joyride. It's funny how quickly the salesperson's demeanor changes when they found out your occupation easily allows you to afford a BMW. In any case, Sharpe took an unreasonable amount of time processing the deal. I'm talking 3+ hours. They even told me to pick out anything from the gift shop because they were dropping the ball so badly. I wasn't impressed with Dan, my salesperson, and certainly not their finance man either.

Just leased a new x5 from Sharpe, and we came to a good agreement on ending the current lease on my GMC Sierra and moving to the new vehicle. Professional all around, over the next years on the lease I guess I will see how the service department handles things. My sales rep Emily Fortier was great and very pleasant to work with, I appreciated her thoroughness and follow through on all my questions. Over all I'm quite pleased so far,

This place was exceedingly helpful. We had a board go out in our 2000 Z3 about 90 minutes away from Grand Rapids (summer house). We had the car towed there (ouch) and it was fixed in a few days as promised. Since we live in Chicago, we had to make arrangements to get to Grand Rapids to pick it up. When we called and asked if it would be a problem to leave it there for a week or more until we could get things coordinated, Jason from the service department said "let me see what I can do". He called back several hours later and said they would be able to drop the car off. We naturally asked the price and he said NO CHARGE - it was their pleasure. Seriously? Sure enough the car was dropped off in western Michigan. This saved us a huge amount of hassle (and $$). Thank you!!

I'm came from NYC in my X6. Got a warning that the brake light was malfunctioning. Tried calling to make an appointment to service the car. All I got was an answering machine over and over. Decided to take in the car regardless. When I got there, I parked the car next to the man sitting at the service station. I didn't get a welcoming of any kind. I had to Basically scoop a word out of the guy. Fortunately, the brake light fixed itself. The guy just said: must be be a false warning. Feeling unwanted, I said thanks to the guy and left. A BMW in NYC is as common as snow on the north pole , so I can expect carelessness in NYC, not in Michigan.

I went in for a scheduled warranty repair (critical airbag issue. The issue where the airbag can send shrapnel flying). I scheduled the repair with Jason well in advance. I drove 50 miles one way to Sharpe, entered the service garage and was not greeted by any of the 3 individuals working the station. I mean, not so much as eye contact. I waited until one of the individuals could be bothered to greet me. Once finally greeted by a woman, Jason rudely interrupted and told me that the parts were not available to complete the repair. I asked why he didn't call and he mentioned he tried ONCE the previous business day but couldn't leave a message because my voicemail wasn't working (I highly doubt because as this is my business line and he would be the 1st person in 6 years not allowed to leave a voicemail...). He was not apologetic and I got the feeling that he tried to blame me. I can't believe how poorly he personally treated a customer. In summary, try to avoid this place if you can. Beware! If the quality of service is indicative of the quality of the repairs, RUN!

I have a four year old BMW X3, and I will only take it to a BMW certified repair center. Yes, that does cost me more, but my experience at Sharpe has always been great. They treat me very kindly and with the utmost respect. I recently had some very expensive repair work done, and they were nice enough to detail my car for me to make me feel a little better. If you are in the market for a luxury car, go to Sharpe.

Sales associate was extrememly rude when I was enquiring about a CPO BMW 335i. He told me if I was not interested in buying that day that he had no intention of working with me... I don't live in Grand Rapids anymore but my family who was with me does and they are looking for a BMW.

Moved here from Louisiana with a 2006 X5. Was making a loud sound with the turning of the steering wheel. Took it to Sharpe and was told what was needed to fix and they said they found some addit. problems that needed fixing. Total estimate $1,400. I thought, well it would be best to bite the bullet and fix all the problems so that I would have a easy ride in the pending winter season. Was fearful of being left on the side of the road in a state with my young daughter, where I have no family or friends to call on. So I did. Well car started to make another loud, banging sound in the engine. Took it back to Sharpe and they quoted me approx. $3,000 to fix some "new problems" that they found. Surprisingly on this new invoice was a few items that was quoted on the 1st invoice that I had pd to have fixed. When I mentioned this to Brian, he seemed embarrassed then called me back to state that it was an error and that some of these problems were actually fixed but they found new ones. Well, I came in took my car and have been driving it since and those loud sounds disappeared. I believe these people are either crooked or plain stupid, but I am inclined to think the latter. When I change cars, it will not be a BMW. Please do not trust these people at Sharpe.

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