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From college dorms to senior communities, resident assistants are an essential component of ensuring everything always runs smoothly. A resume can only cover so much to show why you are best equipped to be an R.A., which is why you need an outstanding cover letter to go over the things omitted on the resume. Cover letters need to be tailored to the exact industry you want to get a job in, and you can learn a lot about what goes into a good document by reading this professional resident assistant cover letter sample. More advice is provided by the tips immediately following the sample.

Professional Resident Assistant Cover Letter Sample

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Resident Assistant Cover Letter Must-Haves

When it comes to writing a cover letter as effective as this professional resident assistant cover letter sample, you want to get straight to the point of why you are a good fit for the position. While humor can occasionally be beneficial, you mostly want to stick with sounding professional throughout the document. Offer numbers, details, and timelines whenever you discuss details about your work experience. You want to skip any cliché statements or negative accounts of past bosses. Make sure your conclusion ends on a high note and that the entire thing does not go over one page.

Best Action Verbs for a Resident Assistant Cover Letter

This professional resident assistant cover letter sample does a great job of utilizing interesting, active verbs, and some more you can choose from include volunteered, supplied, provided, motivated, helped, guided, intervened, facilitated, aided, and cooperated.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Peggy Kent,

Cottonwood Senior Community requires a new resident advisor, and I would like to put my skills and personality to good use assisting the residents any way I can. Energetic and compassionate are the two words I would use to describe what makes me different from any other applicant. It is truly amazing what a positive personality can do for senior citizens living in a nursing home. At the last home I worked at, I wanted to make sure people still got plenty of exercise. That is why I organized weekly games and events that anyone could take part in. A lot of people were into the idea and wanted to participate. Even individuals who were unable to participate still enjoyed the energy that was brought to the community. Compassion plays another big role. I fully understand that some people want to maintain a certain level of independence, and I am more than willing to give that to them to an extent. I have been assisting the elderly for the last four years, and I have learned a lot during that time. I am ready to put my expertise to good use at Cottonwood Senior Community. Thank you for your consideration. Please get in touch if there is anything else you require of me.


John Doe

Please be sure to complete all requirements for each position for which you are applying. Use the following checklist to assist you:


RA Personal Information

A carefully prepared "letter of application" that specifies your reason for seeking the position, your relevant knowledge, experience, skills, accomplishments and what you hope to contribute to the College House. If you stated preferences for individual Houses or programs you may want to address your skills and interest in a separate paragraph.

Submit a current résumé which highlights experiences compatible with the Resident Advisor position responsibilities.

Two Recommendations

Academic Reference: This might be your academic advisor, your major advisor, department chair, a professor, or a TA who is very familiar with your academic work.  This person should be able to speak to your ability to maintain your academic standing and serve as a role model while serving in the RA position. 

Professional and/or Peer Reference:  ​This might come from a professional or peer who can comment on your qualifications for a residential position in terms of job-related skills.  It may come from a faculty member, administrator, employer, or any individual who has supervised your academic, paid or volunteer work.  It may come from a peer or residential staff member who can comment on your potential based primarily upon non-social contact (e.g. class projects, University organizations or as a supervisor).  If you are employed by the House Dean's office (e.g. as a manager, office worker, etc.) this reference must come from your current House Dean.

Both recommendations must specifically address your readiness to assume the Resident Advisor role at the University of Pennsylvania.  

Applicants who are currently working as Resident Advisors but who wish to be considered for positions in other Houses must submit a letter of support from their current House Dean.

If the person you have asked to write a letter for you needs guidance concerning the letter of reference, please refer them to this page:

RA recommendations are due by Thursday, January 11, 2018.

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