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Essay about Pricing And Distribution

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Pricing and Distribution Pricing is one of the most important elements of the marketing mix as it is the only mix, which generates a turnover for the organization; the remaining 3p's are the variable cost for the organization. It costs to produce and design a product; it costs to distribute a product and costs to promote it. Price must support these elements of the mix. Pricing is difficult and must reflect supply and demand relationship (Constantinides, 2006). Pricing a product too high or too low could mean a loss of sales for the…show more content…

5. Bundle Pricing- The organization bundles a group of products at a reduced price.
6. Psychological pricing- The seller here will consider the psychology of price and the positioning of price within the market place.
7. Premium pricing- The price set is high to reflect the exclusiveness of the product. An example of products using this strategy would be Harrods, first class airline services, Porsche etc.
8. Optional pricing- The organization sells optional extras along with the product to maximize its turnover. This strategy is used commonly within the car industry (Constantinides, 2006).
Pricing is also a very important aspect for Reliance Communications to address. As technology grows into to the 3rd generation so does the competition. It is becoming ever cheaper for mobile phone network providers to provide different services to the consumers or subscribers. These days’ mobile phones and the services are not just mobile phones but rather small portable computers, and almost every network operator tries to provide variety of services to its subscribers. At the introductory stage reliance will cost their services to capture their target customers i.e. the families. The prices will be comparatively low from the other service providers and will include different kind of “free stuff” i.e. free talk-time, free web browsing and free text messages. This will low price strategy will help Reliance Communications to make a space for

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