Sample Biography Essay 5th Grade

 5th Grade

Biography Project


 The 5th Grade Biography Project is a multi-step project which covers the Common Core Standards in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Students will read a biography and complete the forms. They will then write an essay from the information they gathered.  Next, students will dress like the person they read about and give a 3-5 minute speech to the class.  Finally, students will impersonate the person they read about in our 5th Grade Wax Museum where all students at West Penn, family and friends are invited to come see them as they share some of their information.   


Important Dates

Biography Projects Due March 19, 2018

Wax Museum will be held on March 23, 2018



Important Information for Parents and Students

  • Students will read a book about a person they are interested in learning about.
  • The book needs to be approved by Mrs. Bittner
  • Students will complete the packet provided to help guide them in their essay writing.
  • Students will find a costume to become the person they read about.
  • Students will create a poster (not a piece of paper) with the person's name and picture on it. (Additional information is allowed, but not required.) 
  • Students need to practice for a 3-5 minute presentation.  Students are permitted to use index cards, but they will not have their packet or essay with them when they are doing this presentation.
  • Students will need three facts about the person they read about to present at the Wax Museum. These should be memorized. 

 Important Documents for This Project

Wax Museum Project Packet

 Wax Museum Project Grading Rubric




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