Essay On Why Cell Phones Should Be Banned While Driving

The Use of Cell Phones While Driving is Dangerous Essay

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Although cell phones have not been around for a very long time, they have become a key part of our lives. People use their cell phones for just about everything such as: texting, talking, schedule planning, internet surfing, etc. Sometimes we can even do two or more of these things at the same time. Unfortunately, people are also choosing the wrong time to be using their cell phones: while they are driving. As a society, we have become so focused on how much we can do at one time that we are willing to risk our personal safety as well as the safety of others because we can’t put down our cell phones. Using a handheld cell phone while driving is dangerous to the driver themselves for a couple of good reasons. One such reason is that…show more content…

When driving, sometimes it is difficult to focus on the road which makes it easy to forget that the roads are shared by everyone and not for your exclusive use. Other drivers on the road take notice of drivers on their cell phones whether they want to or not because of the hazards they create. Erratic driving is something that we all get quite worked up about, especially if it makes us late or is otherwise a direct inconvenience to us. Scott Clark, veteran web business strategist and the owner of the consultancy BuzzMaven Labs, says “[He] came within inches of a bad accident because of a young driver being on the phone and crossing three lanes of traffic at 45 mph.” Drivers are also tailgating you because of, again, the inability to maintain a constant speed because they are on the phone. Clark warns of “[…] the rusty red Camaro [tailgating] the minivan full of kids.” Drivers who use cell phones while driving are also highly dangerous to pedestrians. A young woman killed a pedestrian on a bicycle while she was texting on her phone. She may not have intended to end that person’s life, but she made the poor decision to drive and text which she has to live with for the rest of her life. Any one of us could have been that poor individual on that fateful day. I used to ride my bike everywhere, mostly using the roads in the way that bikes are supposed to. That just proves that point that everybody

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Cell Phone While Driving

In today's world, cell phone made peoples life easier as we can do many things with it such as text messaging, receiving phone calls, or surfing websites to get in touch with people. Almost everyone has appeared to carry one of these devices. But with technology growing rapidly cell phone isn't becoming only useful but becoming more dangerous and putting people's life at risk. And one of the most dangerous sides of the cell phone is using it while driving. The research is beginning to show that driving while simply talking on a cell phone had caused a lot of accident in the following year. Though, according to this research don't you think that using cell phone while driving should be banned?

Using cell phone while driving slows the reaction time. A study at the University of Utah that was published in the journal "Psychological Science" stated that "people who had conversations on any type of cell phone were twice as likely to hit the person in front of them, braked slowly and accelerated slower after braking." Which, cell phone is the significant distraction that causes accidents.

In the same way, driving should be prohibited due to the fact that it can be life threatening for many drivers and put other people's life in danger. According to the statistics, it has proven that "In 2011, 31.2 people are killed every day, and 11,388 are killed every year by the drivers who used cell phones while driving, in the U.S." This represents that using cell phone while driving is a risky business which will cause not just killing themselves but killing other people.

Furthermore, In 2010 Cell phone was the major distraction to drivers. Drivers who used cell phone for example texting they've been most likely looking over the phone than the road and can take away a life in a blank of eye. The National Traffic Safety Institute stated in its report that, "In 2009, 5,474 people were killed in the U.S. because of texting and not looking over the road that distracted driving and another 448,000 were injured." As a result it will cause a serious accident in the time being.

I know that cell phones are dangerous to use while driving but people are already aware of it how dangerous it is. But, according to researches and statistics lots of people have died due to using cell phone while driving and seeing that no one has obeyed the law.

So if you want everyone to be safe and to enjoy their life with less death, write a letter and sign it and send it to state to ban using cell phones while driving at all times.


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