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obviously, my one-essay-a-day mission failed terribly. hah! yet it'll never stop me from writing my head out. 

oh btw, i havent shat properly so this may be the crap that went up into my head. bahahhahaha

jooooooooooke. enjoy the story. it was simply poured out. thank you, insomnia! thank you, daily movie doses! thank you, everyone!

this one took me exactly one hour. 592 words. 

Write a story beginning with:

                “In a distance, he could see the tornado gaining momentum…”

                In a distance, he could see the tornado gaining momentum. He had to find a place to take cover soon. With that velocity and wind direction, he was 100% sure it was going to visit him in less than 10 minutes. Thus he hopped and slid through the concrete jungle to find the safest place from any debris. He was once a famous parkour boy but now, he is a survival and tornado expert. His name is, ROGER.

                Roger moved as fast as the wind. The tornado was getting closer. He knew he must run away from the clustered buildings. So he quickly ran to lowest ground and away from the wind direction. The tornado was just seconds away, but then suddenly, he heard a meow. A terrified, long and heart breaking meow sound.

                Roger halted his phase. His heart skipped a beat and his head was buzzing with tons of electricity thinking of what to do next. The tornado was just seconds away and worst, he could barely see a thing!

The kitten’s voice was getting louder and louder. Roger had to find the kitten soon. By hook or by crook! He just didn’t have the heart to leave the poor creature. The kitten may be his first friend after surviving the apocalypse alone.

And so the searching began.  He searched the whole area with his scratchy goggles. Trying to hear the kitten’s meow behind the loud roaring tornado. Clank! Donggg! The deadly debris were coming at his direction. The tornado was getting near!

“ Heeeeeeeeeeeere kitty kittyyyyyy! Come to meeeeee!” Roger shouted out to his lungs, yet the kitten was not seen. Roger was panicking. He was thinking that this might be it. The tornado was coming. This will be the end of his survival story. His epic journey of surviving the worst human nightmares may come to the end.

“Aaaaaah! Nonsense, Roger. Nonsense! You can do it. Think. THINK!” Roger was kneeling and he bowed down his head. Desperately thinking of a way to rescue the poor kitty.

Then out of the blue, a huge concrete flew right over him and smashed the nearest building apart. He was tensed. He could feel as his life was being at the edge of the line. He should have had ran to the safety place. He should have had taken cover earlier.  The tornado was just a few meters away on his left destroying other buildings.

Roger snapped out of his fear and quickly took out his safety blanket and hid under a heavy table. He made sure he was away from any windows too. He made sure he was away from everything but then suddenly, he heard the meow sound again. This time, it sounded closer.

He suddenly remembered his breakfast in his backpack and decided to lure the cat to him. Thus as quick as possible, he laid his smoked pigeon on the floor despite the insane weather.

“MEEEEOOOOOOOW” The ginger kitten finally came out of its hiding place and attacked the food Roger placed. He was overjoyed to finally see the kitty and grabbed it onto his chest!

After an hour, the area is finally tranquil. As silent as a grave, just the way it was. However, Roger’s surviving journey is no longer silent. He is decorated with a kitty in his arms and a smile from ear to ear. He named the kitty as Faith. Roger never regretted his choice of almost losing his life to Faith. After all what happened, Roger and Faith were both rescued by a helicopter that appeared out of nowhere.



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